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OutLaw Eyewear's solution to the problem of not being able to find a sunglass with large lenses is this ROCK-SOLID Immortal. This ultra stylish pair of shades was designed at OutLaw Eyewear’s design shop with their tried and true ultra durable Aluminum frame construction. The result is a world-class sunglass that competes with the high fashion eyewear from Italy, while maintaining Outlaw Eyewear’s superior long lasting frame construction.

This sunglass is constructed out of Aluminum for extreme durability and it is completely adjustable for a precision tuned fit for nearly any size face. The spring hinges accommodate large or small head sizes, and the Polycarbonate shatter resistant lenses give you ballistic eye protection.

Prescription ready up to +or- 2.0. Contact us for details at 408-538-1571 or Sales@OutLawEyewear.com

Size-Fits most any size man or woman. Fits people with Flat faces, as well as Round. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision Tuned Fit. If the frame is too wide, just bend it inward. If it is too narrow, bend it outward.
Wind Protection-Good.
Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame.
Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag 

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The big ones.

Magnus Holmén on 18th Aug 2015

Great gift when buying another pair. Fits great on the head and the lenses are great!!

Nice Glasses

Joe Sanderlin on 28th Feb 2015

Well...great glasses, great price.


Big Moe at Jo's Jo's magic shop on 16th Feb 2015

very happy with Outlaw fugitive polished frame(5 stars),the quick service & shipping the black outlaw immortal also happy with (FREE) if it's it's for me (4stars) one extra for free (5) ----This was my 2nd order from Metalsunglasses ...excellent service & product ..I'm going to order another pair im always losing or scratching

1 star short of perfection

William Konietzny on 5th Apr 2014

If you're old school and like riding into the wind with an open face helmet and no windshield then these glasses are a must have as they can be bent to the shape of your face and deflect all wind away from your eyes. If you ride switchbacks, alternately facing directly into the sun, you need amber or better yet -transitional amber lenses which would constitute the 5th and final star.


red on 19th Mar 2014

not bad comfy


4th Mar 2014

This sunglass is practically destruction proof. My wife breaks her sunglasses all the time, but not this one. It is made of strong aluminum with metal spring hinges. It can take pressure and twisting without getting damaged. I actually wear it once in a while when I am dressed nicely. It is like a bad-ass Prada type sunglass, but a lot more durable and stronger.