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The OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC is a High Performance Ultra Bad-Ass Aluminum Military Combat and Motorcycle Sunglass. The Aluminum Frame Construction and Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses ensure that these sunglasses are built Rock Solid to protect you against anything you encounter. The Intense Squarish lens shape is modern, yet extremely protective of Wind, Dust, and the Sun. The temples have a unique cut out that sets this frame apart from all other eyewear, as well as Dual Hinges to keep it all together. Wear them on the yard or on the road, just don’t leave your OutLaw’s behind.

Now with the new Dual Surface Mount Spring Hinges for added comfort and reliability. The hinge rivets are gone.

The Polarized Gray lenses cut out the glare for increased comfort.

We can  put your Prescription in this sunglass. Contact us for details via chat, email, or 408-538-1571


  • Wind Protection-High
  • Size-Fits Small, Medium, and Large Men. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision Tuned Fit.
  • Ability to see eyes through lenses- None
  • Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame
  • Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag and Hard Case
  • Ability to see eyes through lenses- None
  • Price- Very reasonable for Polarized. Why pay over $169 for similar brands?
  • Achieved ANSI Z87.1-2015 for Impact protection compliance
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Best for Dust and Wind

Steve Hutch on 17th Jul 2017

I wear my OutLaw Eyewear Fugitives when I ride my bike and when I shoot. It is the best eye protection that I have ever used as it fits closely to my eyes and nothing gets by them. It does not need foam. It fits very comfortably under all of my work and bike helmets.

Better than everything

Stan Giffert on 5th Dec 2016

People get out of my way when I'm wearing these, and I get no wind in my eyes. I use them when on duty too, and they fit perfectly under my helmet with no ear pinching.

Great sunglasses from an American company

Jerome Higgs on 2nd Sep 2016

I'm happy I bought sunglasses from an American company. Everything else is junk made in China. These cost less than Oakleys, and they are far better. These Fugitive TACs will last for many years because of the metal frames and the metal hinges. There is no plastic to wear out. I had one before that I ran over, and I bent it back into shape. The lenses were a little scratched, but nothing too serious. I just paid for new lenses. I was upset when I left them on the rail of the boat. I hit the throttle, and they went for a swim.

Combat conditions Eye Protection

John B. on 16th Nov 2015

I use these while on duty, and it keeps the sand out of my eyes. I can jump with them, and keep on going. They also keep the mist out of my eyes. I like to use the foam when on the boat. We had Gatorz Magnums before, but these are a little better for much less money.

The Best for combate use

Don Stonewall on 6th Feb 2015

I am serving overseas, and I brought my OutLaw Fugitives with me. Our entire unit has them. The spring hinges keep the frame close to the sides of my face without being uncomfortable. The nose piece can be adjusted way out wide to allow the front to sit right up against my forehead and eyes. This is essential when you work in the dust and sand. They are light weight, and have ballistic protection. We used to use Gatorz Magnums, which are also excellent. However, we like these Fugitives better due to the better adjustability, the spring hinges, and how close they fit to the face. They are also significantly cheaper, which is important when you are buying a lot of glasses. I was happy to learn that they are a USA product, and that is important in this day and age.

Love my Prescription OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive Wrap Glasses

Frank P. on 8th May 2014

I would like to say how thrilled I was upon receiving my prescription Fugitive metal sunglasses, theses are cool..I was going to try a Lens Crafter's, and of course my eye doc tried to sell his. Nothing looked good to me. I have ordered several pairs of regular sunglasses from MetalSsunglasses.com, and really liked them, so when I needed prescription glasses and found out I have to wear them on a regular basis, I'm going to have to like them ...A LOT!..So I got hold of my friends at MetalSunglasses.com about my special prescription that are Progressive Transition lenses, and they sure took care of me..these Fugitive prescription glasses are very very cool. I really dig these. The wrap around lenses are great especially when I'm riding my motorcycle.. Love the quality.. Thank you very much..especially for the one on one service...