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The Gatorz Wraptor Prescription. Our lab can fabricate Extreme-wrap Shatter Resistant Prescription lenses for this wrap sunglass frame. It is a highly specialized process that only our lab has the advanced process to do. This allows us to deliver full wrap around sunglasses that correct your peripheral side vision, while keeping the wind and dust out. There is no comparison between a full wrap prescription sunglass and a standard prescription sunglass.

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Gatorz Wraptors Polarized lenses with Red Mirror Finish and Anti-Glare

Xuan Dang on 7th Apr 2016

I recently purchased these sunglasses and I noticed immediately how snug they feel on my face. I own a pair of Gatorz Magnums as well and I must say the Wraptors have a more form fitting feel to them and don't feel as large on me. I purchased theses in a prescription so I can see far away and they work phenomenally, they block any wind going into my eyes. The polarized lenses with the mirror finish and anti-glare do their job by blocking out the Sun's UV rays. When I look directly into the sun I don't have to squint my eyes at all. I use these for driving, hiking, fishing, skiing and biking and they haven't fallen off my face yet. I've heard of sky divers jumping out of aircraft and landing with these Wraptors still on and landing with them. These Wraptors have a really nice distinct style to them and they fit just about any face.